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    Unique food/favorite dish to try?

    We are taking our first trip to Aruba/Caribbean in February! Can you tell us any unique food or drinks (Arubian, Dutch, etc) to try? And/or your favorite dish and where to find it? Thanks!

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    Keshi Yena - we've had it at both Gasparito and Tulip but other restaurants serve it as well. Everyone makes it a bit different but it's basically stuffed cheese (similar to a casserole in a way) with chicken, seasonings, a few veggies, and raisins. Gasparito also has a seafood version, too.

    Also try some Dutch snacks:
    Dutch Frikandel, Dutch Kroket Sandwich, Bitterballs, and Chicken Sate

    Shoarma is also served at some of the Dutch restaurants in Aruba and is very popular in the Netherlands.

    There is also a bit of Indonesian food on the island, too:
    Nasi Goreng
    Bami Goreng

    Tulip and Nos Cunucu are two places where you'll find alot of these dishes.
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    goat stew @ nos conucu restaurant

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    Gotta agree with the Keshi Yena. Yum
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    Renaissance Island Baby Beach
    Perfittes (sp?) at the Dutch Pancake House.
    See you in Aruba!!!
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    I've posted about it many times so here it is again, in all it's glory, the BANDEJA PAISA as served up at Casa Vieja.


    That's a Colombian dish. Don't eat breakfast before and forget about supper after.

    Bon dia and keep the cholesterol lowering medication of choice at hand.


    As an alternative, check out the Sultan for a chicken shoarma platter, also very filling and visible at:

    Ahhh, now I'm hungry again.
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    Any Aruba beach...

    Arrow Pastechis

    Makes 4 Dozen
    4 cups of flour
    1 T. of baking powder
    1 T. sugar
    2 T. vegetable shortening
    2 T. margarine
    1 t. salt
    1 egg beaten
    1 cup of water

    Put all ingredients into a large bowl except water. Mix well. Add water, a little bit at a time to form dough. When the dough is pliable, knead it well.

    Prepare the meat filling as follows:

    1 lb. finely chopped beef without fat
    1 T. margarine
    1 medium onion, finely chopped
    1 small green sweet pepper, finely chopped
    1 celery stalk, finely chopped
    2 T. raisins
    1 T. piccalilli
    Hot red pepper, finely chopped, to taste; preferably Madame Jeanette
    Soy sauce, freshly ground black pepper, cumin, nutmeg, to taste.

    In large frying pan combine all ingredients except beef. Cook over medium heat, stirring till well combined and onion and celery are soft. Add beef and cook till well combined while stirring.

    Roll the dough into a very thick sheet, then cut out circles about three inches in diameter. Place one tablespoon filling in the center of one pastry circle. Top it with a second circle. Lightly moisten edges and press the circles together. Fold or roll the edges over slightly and flute them as pie crust. Fry the pastechis in deep, hot vegetable oil until golden brown. They may be prepared in advance and heated in the oven just before serving.

    We ate Patechi at the breakfast buffet at the Radisson and they were filled with Spinach, not spicy (which I prefer) and delicious. So adapt this recipe to your own taste.

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    Thank you! I am copying these down now as we are now a month away from our first visit to Aruba!

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    goat stew

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    pankokken's @ Linda's

    and all the Dutch treats Amy listed. Especially the Bitterballs
    Aruba where the toughest question each day is "where to dine tonight".

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