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    Various Restaurant Reports

    A friend was visiting for a week, so Mrs. 44 and I dined out quite a few times. Most of these are old-standbys that I have mentioned in the past. At least this info is current:

    Local stops:
    Casa Vieja, Pueblito Paisa - both doing well, service good, prices low, plenty of fun interaction if you have Spanish skills. Most menu items translated to English.

    Rincón Colombiana - got there late for lunch and they were out of many items. Will return in a couple of weeks and update.

    Brasas y Leñas - new grill master here but same flavor, same huge quantity of food, same low price. Man, after one of these stops its nap time. I almost blacked out from packing so much chow down my gullet (my fault, not theirs). Again, go early because take-out can line up like the planes at JFK on a low ceiling day.

    Sultan - very good food and service is much improved. Go early for lunch or supper as this place is getting popular for takeout and larger groups which stresses the small staff. Flavor is great.

    Hostaria Il Vittorio - dig that veal parm with the bone still attached. Nice, flavorful. Service spot on. All around, I like this place because they get it all right while you're kicked back and comfortable.

    Screaming Eagle - also spot on for food, service, vino, etc. Bar can be a little slow on delivering the cocktails but that may be because my pal is a guzzler. Of course, Mrs. 44 has the class to sip. I was temporarily abstaining in lieu of San Nicolaas imbibing. More important, Screaming Eagle quality of food was right up there with NYC places. Everything from the salads, to the carpaccio, to the chicken, fish, and so on. Only good things to say. Period.

    Sole Mare - an old favorite. Reliable, prices fair. They've opened the new bar which sits back from the door. This is a big improvement and I think I may loiter there some evenings because they have the kinds of wine Mrs. 44 enjoys.

    Charlie's Bar - Charlito has added some appetizer type things, meatballs and some pork loin chunks. My pal chomped on them and was well satisfied. I abstained to maintain space for copious amounts of Mr. Daniel's No. 7, not to be confused with lesser beverages of suspect branding reported to have similar effects.

    The next two weeks will be dining in as this was too much dining out. Also will be extensive shack repair and bicycling in an effort to reduce the mid section of this ever-expanding hull.

    Buen provecho.

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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    the beaches
    Thanks for the restaurant reports. I am looking forward to visiting Sole Mare and Screaming Eagle again.

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