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    Wacky Spicy Food

    On Spanish Lagoonweg, not far from where you can descend the cliff to snorkle, you'll find Nam Yung, a wacky Chinese restaurant with a rough looking but harmless clientele, a pool table and music loud enough to earn a fine. But the muscles in hot sauce are something to try as is the fried chicken. Ordering can be a challenge because the guy behind the counter doesn't seem to speak English, Spanish, or Chinese, and I was there with a guy who spoke two of the Chinese languages. Anyway, our food came from a wok that had a blow torch under it and was very filling. May not be the place for everyone but my pal likes the muscles and he's had them all over the world.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Thanks for the tip! My dh is looking forward to a good beach read with your upcoming book.

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    I'm up to the challenge of some wackey spicy food....sounds fun...I like trying new places and better yet, LOVE TO EAT!!!!!!

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