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Thread: Wacky Wahoos

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    My wife still keeps talking about their Shrimp w/ mango salsa

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    I wasn't thrilled w/my dinner at WW on my first trip either(Feb 2010); my husband, however, loved his dinner. I was hesitant about returning (April 2010), but I do love my hubby. Anyway, I'm happy that I did because dinner was fantastic the 2nd time around. We've been back on two recent trips as well. I agree with others...not a quiet romantic dining experience....but delicious fresh food at a reasonable price.

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    If you are stayin at a Hotel have the Concier ( spell check) have them do it
    not sure when you arrive but have the Concier make the reservation the day you arrive or even better contact your hotel concier in advance

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    wacky wahoo

    i'm on the island every few month's per year, for many year's.
    have read many reviews on this forum regarding this restaurant. at first was doubtful, without any question it was my favorite meal over the last few year's, we had the wahoo, which was a first. my wife and i really never eat fish, even though shellfish is our food of choice. oh by the way returned for a second go around, the appetizer's fantastic, main entree, and dessert's, fantastic and very large portion's.
    i'll be back in june, it's my first stop....

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    We love Wacky Wahoo. Great fish and the best black bean soup ever!
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    Wacky wahoo

    I had this one on my list for this yea but now have doubts. I still am seeing good food but say loud overcrowded and hot. Any comments.

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    palm beach, eagle beach, any happy hour
    WW's is definitely not for a quiet, romantic dinner.

    Positives: Great assortment of fresh fish, very fair prices, friendly staff, decent bar, convenient to the Palm Beach area.

    Negatives: Definitely on the crowded side and the tables are fairly close together. I have never felt hot in there as their AC seems to work fine.

    You definitely need a reservation or else you will wait in the street (in front of the sex shop). We always go after 8pm, so the early crowd is usually done by then and it's a bit less crazy. IMO it's worth it.

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    IMO you heard right, good food, loud & crowded! We go to Aruba for 3-4 months every year, haven't been to Wacky Wahoo for the last 3 years for those reasons! It is a MUST have reservation place, it is small, and tables are very close together. That being said the wahoo is good!! We prefer more local atmosphere, IMO Zeerovers is the place to go for fresh fish! It is a great local place that has become more famous in the last couple years. I would not go on a Sunday if you can help it, during the week would be better, if you have a large party I would make reservations. At Zeerovers, the tables may still be close together but you are eating FRESH fish just out of the ocean, plus you get to experience the local people of the island!! And watch them clean the fish as it comes in off of the boats. It is not expensive and an experience you will not get any where else on the island!

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    yup, we have been to wacky wahoo 4 or 5 times.
    last 2 times we were hot and cramped and swore we'd not return due to those reasons.

    their food is excellent though.

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    The pro's far outweigh the con's. A true "catch of the day" selection, every night.
    Aruba where the toughest question each day is "where to dine tonight".

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