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    WATERFRONT DINING - kid friendly

    We (me and hubby) dine at Passions every year since we own at La Cabana. I know there were older posts on waterfront dining reviews and recommendations but wanted to get some opinions on where to visit for waterfront dining that is kid friendly (7 yr old).

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    IF you have a car, Marina Pirata in Savaneta is right on the water. You can throw crumbs into the water tableside off the dock and see the fish come to the surface. Great fresh seafood as well as some items for "landlubbers"

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    Last year we went to Pinchos with a 9 year old - no issues.

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    When we visited Barefoot there were a few kids playing on the beach and the setting was good for them. The tables were spaced so they could run down to the water and back to their tables without disrupting others.
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    We have taken my daughter to Pinchos twice -- she's 18 months old. Going back for a 3rd visit in 2 two weeks. They have kid friendly dishes and are willing to make something special if requested for kids.
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    I vote for Marina Pirata. Casual atmosphere, lovely place to watch the sunset. You'll be seated out on the deck and it's such fun for the kids to throw pieces of bread into the water and watch the fish feeding frenzy take place! I believe they have a children's menu, too.

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    We took our grand daughter to the Pelicans nest on the pier between Holiday Inn and Playa Linda. She got the grilled grouper as did we. she loved it. Fed the fish at the end of the pier. ne of the waiters also threw 3 or 4 rolls in the water for the fish. She liked it so much, she wanted to go back, so we did.

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