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    Cool What is the Passion's Surprise? Dessert?

    Does it change? Just wondering...debating on making a reservation there for my 1 year anniversary. I'm allergic to pinapples so was curious what's in the me it's the most important part of the meal!

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    If my memory serves me correctly, it was a "sampler" platter of all of their desserts. Tapas, like...Knowing how nice the staff was at Passions, I would bet if you told them you were allergic to pineapple, they would work around it.

    BUT then again, I have found just about every restaurant in Aruba to be willing to go out of their way in that type of situation.

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    We were there on March 11 and had Passion's Surprise. Wish we'd have been ready with the camera.

    Platter comprised of three deserts. One was a cheese cake. Another had rasberries, don't recal the third. Delivered to the table with flaming fireworks in each of the deserts.

    All were very good. Don't recall any pineapple.

    Sad to say, we were too full to completely finish but it was a great end to and excellent dining experience.
    Joe & Mimi


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