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    I actually wear casual shoes to dinner, probably overkill, but that is how I was brought up. Definitely Island casual with a tropical shirt and dockers for our twice a week good meals. Not necessary but my choice.
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    We actually enjoy wearing nicer outfits for our more expensive dinners; I think that it adds just a bit more romance to the occasion. In my signature pic, which is dinner at FF, I am wearing a simple Lacoste shirt with light blue linen pants, shoes were Dansko clogs. Beth is wearing her black "Vegas " dress. The gentleman behind us is also wearing long pants.

    But we are the exception, nice tailored shorts, golf shirt and clean sneakers are acceptable. I am also the coldest natured person around, I always take a sweater to the casino, in fact I believe I had 3 sweaters, 2 sweatshirts, a windbreaker, & a leather blazer with me on our last trip.
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