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    The first day is always so tough, we will be up at 5am, so I kind of like arubamarks plan, but the time we get to the hotel, will be around 3 or 4 ( i hope ), than unpack, throw on suit and head to where i can have my 1st Balashi and some different snack foods, than I think DH and I will hit the sack and wake up to what I hope will be a beautiful sunshine morning, of course this all depends if poolside Gilligans is open to have a bite. Can't wait.

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    Any beach, party, bar or Casino!!!!!!
    Grab 4 bears while in the check in line, one for my Wife one for me and two for a stranger that looks like they need it I lioe the bewildered look). Unpack, either or both a Chi Chi or Long Island ice tea, Ling and sons, quick slice pizza then a Casino to about 10:00. Then it is night night. In the morning it will be time to start rocking.
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    the beaches
    Unpack and then go to Amicis for a lite supper. We take a walk along the strip (Palm Beach) and have a drink at Moomba Beach and then plan for our first full day. Can't wait to do it again!

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