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    Wheelchair accessable restaurants

    Sadly, DH will be in a wheelchair and I'm afraid several of our favorite restaurants won't be accessible to us this year. This is something one never thinks about until they have to Now that this is an issue that we have to deal with I'm having trouble remembering which places do/don't have steps. I know that LG Smiths, Marina Pirata, Chalet Suisse and Bingos have them, so guess we won't be making reservations there. Pretty sure we'll be ok outdoors at Papiamentos, Hostaria da Vittorio, Fishes and More and Las Ramblas but just can't picture if there are steps at MJs, Mangos, Chefs Table, Yemanja or Que Pasa? Any of you out there with a better memory than mine, feel free to comment!

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    sorry to hear of the dilemma

    I think MJs has the step leading from the porch to the yard/garden dining area.
    Ask for porch seating.

    Mangos.......does it not have a step down?
    Lindas has a large step.
    Buccaneer has no step (s).

    Being the daughter of parents who both had polio and walked with crutches for much of their lives, I should be aware of these kind of things. Sadly, I pay little attention and i apologize.

    It would be beneficial if all of the restaurants, bars and resorts listed on their web site or facebook page if they are wheelchair accessible.

    I suspect you are going to have to contact some by email.

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    Mangoes at the Amsterdam has seating on the main floor also.

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    I agree with Andrea - MJ's is accessible via wheelchair; I had my birthday dinner there in 2010 and was in a wheelchair at the time. Matthews has a ramp down to the dining floor; it is very steep but accessible; you could also sit at the bar since it is a low bar top. The manager on duty help push/control my decent down :-). We also went to the French Steak House that year too. There are plenty of other ground level places in the South Beach Plaza that would be worth a consideration if you are in the mood to try out your options.

    I am glad that the change in your husband's circumstance isn't keeping you from enjoying your vacation. Travel safe and have a great time.

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