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Thread: Where do you go for an amazing cup of coffee?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    We too have never seen a soul in the Juan Valdez place. Often at night we stop at the Baskin Robbins for a cone and the JV across the way is empty.
    Funny, someone must be going there or I would guess it would be closed by now. Maybe we both are not walking by at their busy times I'm guessing.

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    Hi Andrea! I enjoy my Smit & Dorlas at Dutch Pancake houe in the morn

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    hi arubamark miss u!
    Quote Originally Posted by arubamark View Post
    Hi Andrea! I enjoy my Smit & Dorlas at Dutch Pancake houe in the morn

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    Juan Valdez! ...but i guess it depends how you drink your coffee. People from the US (and Canada) tend to drink their coffee a bit (or a lot) more watered down...

    I would recommend Juan Valdez for non-US coffee addicts. It is usually Dutch and Latin Americans who drink their coffee there. Bought a bag of beans from JV last visit, and it is really good stuff. Columbians know how to brew coffee!

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    Maybe it is because I worked the midnight shift for a number of years early in my life - and drank anything I could get - I still have not met a cup of black coffee that I didn't like. Which means I don't go out of my way to find something "special".

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