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Thread: Where to Eat a good Seafood meal???

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    re: wacky wahoo

    call for your reservations late in the day
    there is often no answer before 4 pm

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    I wrote a reply but was booted off before it posted so I'll try to recap my sentiments....

    The SC is imposed by the restaurant and the actual percent does not go directly to the server. The restaurant distributes the charge and often a portion of the SC includes overhead costs such as breakage fees that are not refelected in the value of the meal. If you ask a server at the restaurant, they will tell you that they do not receive much of the SC. Then there becomes an uncomfortable issue of how much, if any you should add. It becomes a rather uncomfortable and unnecessary situation for my wife and I. What percent do we add 5,10 none?

    When I do receive excellent service I try to include the added gratuity as cash so the server can directly pocket the earnings. I am not sure what percentage of add'l gratuity actually gos to the server.

    I have often witnessed the server immediatley looking at the check purse, right infront of us confirming what, if any add'l tip was added to the SC. When I patronize a businesses without the SC I can feel confidant that the gratuity is a reflection of my sentiments, not the establishments.

    In addition, the SC creates an atmosphere where the server does not need to perform their duties because the SC is added regardless of the quality of the service. This I have witnessed first hand in recent years and I know I am not the only patron who has had this experience. Why do I need to subject myself to an unwarranted system. What becomes the standard?

    I have heard the excuse about Eurpopeans not tipping, however I know that the servers never tell the patron upfront that a SC is added. It's always the patrons responsability to ask or check the menu. I know many vacationers, often first time visitors, never check or ask and end up adding an add'l tip. The restaurants know this and work the system, ask the employees they will confirm this.

    I know of no "local" restaurant that imposes a SC. The SC is only encountered near the vacationing/tourist areas and hotel restaurants. Why is that? I have asked business owners that do not impose the SC why they opt not to and they all say, in some way or another, that the SC is a rip-off and not fair to the consumer.

    My thoughts...I prefer dining and providing a gratuity I consider fitting to the service.


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