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    For the best seats you can go to Cafe the Plaza, downtown. They have 7 tv screens, 1 big screen inside, a outside bar, nice World Cup T-shirts which you can buy, traditional Dutch snacks and ofcourse beer specials. When Holland is playing, the Plaza is opened at 7am!

    MooMba is also an option to watch your games. Breakfast specials, World Cup T-shirts available, tv screens etc.! Want to enjoy your drink barefoot in the sand? Come to MooMba.

    Just a couple of minutes away from MooMba you will find Salt & Pepper. Come and enjoy the games while having breakfast, lunch or dinner at Salt & Pepper.

    Come with your family and friends to one of the 3 restaurants above and enjoy the games!

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    Where to watch the world cup games?

    Watch the cup at Busters or at Cafe 080.
    They are 2 of the best bars on the Island.

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    The Paddock downtown. A few years ago we were lucky enough to be in Aruba during the World Cup matches and watched the game with the locals there. The then Prime Minister was watching the game there as well. A young boy wheeled his bike into the bar to see the game and we made sure he always had a soda in his hand (and that we had a beer in ours ). We had such a fun time--this continues to be on our list of favorite Aruba moments! Sadly our timeshare weeks are a week or so later now and we miss the World Cup madness...

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