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Thread: Where is your fav place for ice cream?

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    Stanley and I like the soft serve at JJ's on Rt 3A in Cohasset, Mass. . . . . Of course there is always Paeceful Meadows in Whitman. You can even go int ot he barn and pet the new born calves. . . . . Not sure about in Aruba. . . Still looking. . . .

    Tom and Stanley

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    Not an ice cream shop...but the fried ice cream at Blossoms Restaurant in the Westin was the best I've ever had! Yum!

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    Jeff...the gelato in Italy is definitely the best anywhere! We had gelato every day...sometimes twice a day for many weeks. I can count on one hand how many were not worth the calories...and October is a wonderful time to visit...okay back to Aruba before we get admonished!

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    I can't even imagine how much weight we will gain being in Italy for 2 weeks. All we hear about is the amazing food, amazing wine, and of course gelato. We love Aruba and will be back next July for our annual visit but we are really excited about the Italy trip-should be a totally different experience than our week of vegging in Aruba.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseygirl View Post
    Jeff...the gelato in Italy is definitely the best anywhere! We had gelato every day...sometimes twice a day for many weeks.
    I did the same when I was in Italy...gelato at least once a day.
    ~Amy~ - 35th trip to Aruba: New Years Eve 2017/2018 -- South Beach, FL: Feb. 2018 -- Zihuatanejo, MX: March 2018 -- Sedona, AZ: April/May 2018 -- Ireland: June/July 2018 -- 36th trip to Aruba: Sept. 2018

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    Aromi D'Italia Cafe

    Aromi D'Italia Cafe is the best, hands down. We went with the kids Sunday and it was a hard choice. The lady behind the counter wanted to pull her hair out because kids kept asking for a different taste. Coconut was delicious , I loved the raspberry, my husband loved the white chocolate, my son got lemon ice and my niece got peanut butter. OMG talking about it my mouth is watering. It is very delicious and worth the wait in line.
    Jeff you will love Italy, I have been to Sicily more than 15 times and looking forward to a 2 month vacation next year with family. It is true about gaining weight so make sure you loose at least 15 lbs. The nightly thing to do is walk the piazza in different cities and eat an ice cream.
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    Will have to try Aromi D'Italia Cafe. Been by it many times but never went in. Always went to Hagen Daz..
    Mike M

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    Another vote for Aromi D'Italia Cafe. My husband can't go back to the hotel at night without stopping here. Last time we were in Aruba we kept running into another couple night after night here. By the end of our trip we were looking for each other.

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