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Thread: Wilhelmina - February 2016 PART ONE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traceyd14 View Post
    We are always hesitant to send things back, but after this experience I am really seeing the benefit of doing it. Not sure we will try this restaurant (you lost me at hip) but the pics and descriptions are amazing. Thanks for sharing.
    Tracey... I agree: most people won't send things back and I include myself in that a lot of times too. But, in a restaurant of this caliber, I fully expect them to handle these situations perfectly...which they did. It was a good test. Don't be thrown by my "hipper" description... I just mean it's unlike most of the restaurants on the island... A little more "urban" if that makes any sense...? But you see flip-flops, shorts and nice t-shirts... "Aruba Formal"!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    terrific and i agree with CP re: the nice recovery!

    and here i go with a bit of a rant.
    this is just my opinion.
    you folks did it correctly!
    there was an issue, you folks handled it immediately with your waitperson.
    (subtle as a turd in the punchbowl=love it!)
    you did not let it ruin your experience.
    you mentioned it, not to be critical of the restaurant, but to bring praise at how they
    handled the situation.

    often times here, and on other forums/bbs, folks have an issue/situation/complaint that imo could be and should be
    taken care of immediately and corrected with no fanfare and no bashing on a review site later.

    rant over

    thanks for sharing
    In my mind, the true test of a great restaurant is how they carry themselves when something doesn't go exactly right. And W's definitely handled it so my hat is off to them.

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    With their age restrictions, I will need to wait another 6 years to visit....they don't want any little twerps running around, which I can understand- not all are as well behaved as mine is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by act1966 View Post

    subtle as a turd in a punchbowl,
    Seriously, the best thing I've read in a Long Time!

    Having worked in many restaurants, I am always on the fence when it comes to sending a meal back. I don't know that I would be worried in Aruba the same way I am at most of the restaurants we frequent in the states. We generally save the more fine dining for Aruba and expect that they would take the feedback and make things right - just as Wilhelmina did.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by act1966 View Post

    The steak was tough, it wasn't well-marbled. Any ribeye aficionado knows that a ribeye that isn't properly marbled is death on a plate. The Spouse was a little hesitant about sending it back but me, subtle as a turd in a punchbowl, immediately called the waiter over to let them know all was not right in Eating Land.

    They didn't bat an eyelash... they apologized profusely, offered to make another steak and then recommended the tenderloin filet. Luckily, medium-rare doesn't take long so it was on the table in minutes and it was superb.

    I've hit my limit on photos in the post! So part two....
    I think we're kindred spirits. I've got the same gift of subtlety. It gets me in trouble (let's not call it trouble. Trouble is too strong a word) at the office all the time. Reminds me of something a bandleader said to me once. He and I were rounding a corner (opposite sides) before a concert. He stopped me dead in my tracks, and said 'Fix your tie. You look like hell.' I was 12.

    Also, as far as the well marbled steak comment, that's a cardinal sin for me. Remember, I'm a 99%-er. Rarely eat meat unless it's absolutely worth it (in Aruba, it's worth it). You give me a nice juicy steak. None of this lean meat crap.

    Quote Originally Posted by act1966 View Post
    Wilhelmina - February 2016 PART TWO

    And the filet... beautifully presented...

    Attachment 4807

    All was right in Meat World. Nice save by the staff and kitchen.
    Sitting at my desk drooling. Thanks, pal.

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