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    wine and dine

    Hello everybody from the community of and viewers
    Aruba is well known in the Caribbean by its culinary cuisine and selection of restaurants, Aruba Wine and Dine is a group of restaurants from casual family atmosphere, elegant and chic to romantic dinner on the beach. Our restaurants common goal is to enhance and spice the dinning experience of our visitors coming to Aruba. Our priority is to maintain high standards in our restaurants, such as food quality, excellent service in a comfortable environment adjusted for every one taste and choices.

    This is why I would like to ask your opinion and feedback of your experience with any of the restaurants mention bellow.

    • Tango Argentina Grill
    • Salt and Paper tapas and more
    • Hadicurari Seafood with a view
    • Moomba Beach Club
    • Matilde French and international Island Chic
    • CafÚ de Plaza, Dutch cafÚ
    • Sopranos piano Bar
    • Mambo Jambo, Caribbean Bar and restaurant
    • Kildares, Irish Pub.

    Thank you

    Jorge Zarraga

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    When we were there in October we went to the following places on your list:

    Salt and Pepper - Very good. Had tapas, mahi mahi, and sangria...yum!

    Soprano's - Great place to go for evening FUN entertainment. We went ther about 10 evenings out of the 14 we were there. Had a great time with fun people!

    Moomba's - can be fun, depending on the evening. Lunch was so-so. Great location. Preferred Bugaloe's

    Kildare's - Hit them at a really bad time, I think. They had no Guiness (that is criminal for an Irish bar!!). No bacardi....just some rot-gut well rum, no balashi....and their menu at that time had almost no Irish fare. We left. Hopefully that has changed!

    Hope that helps. Lot's of other great places on the island, though.

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    Renaissance Island early in the morning floating on a raft.
    The only place on the list I went to when I was there in May was Cafe de Plaza. We went there for lunch and the food was ok - we only ordered sandwiches. The service however was terribly slow in fact one group got up and walked out. They were seated when we walked in. We had finished eating and were paying the bill and they still did not have their food. They walked out with us.

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