We got married at the Renaissance Island October 10, 2015. We used Omar Brown and Across the Waves videography for our wedding. It started out smoothly. Communication was quick and easy. Even when we arrived to Aruba he was great to work with all the way up to the last minute he was at the wedding. The problem started when we expected the final product. Our short Facebook video was great and ready before we even left Aruba that week. The short 20 minute video was edited and emailed to us by mid November and it was fantastic! In our contract we were promised the full 40 minute video as well. When I follow up to see when that would be ready he emailed me the tracking number and told me to expect the product in a week. That never came. It was never even a real tracking number that showed up on Fedex tracking. After a few weeks (at this point mid-December) I emailed Omar again and he said he got busy and never had a chance to finish our video. I understood, being October was a busy month for him. Now it is May, I get no response from emails or social media. I do not know how else to contact him to get any response or my wedding video! I wish I could post a great review about his work because like I said everything else was fantastic but this is really frustrating now!