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Thread: Aruba Good Luck Stones

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    Aruba Good Luck Stones

    I saw somewhere online, but cannot remember where or I would not be posting this question, that you can buy Aruba good luck stone (see image). Where can I buy these - I want to give them as wedding favors. Thanks!
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    Aruba Good Luck Stones

    In the almost 33 years of visiting Aruba, we have never heard of Aruba Good Luck Stones. There are plenty of larger stones that can be found near the sea and anyone can take a larger stone and write Aruba Good Luck Stone on it and call it an Aruba Good Luck Stone. There are better items that you can find in Aruba that would be meaningful and are reasonbly priced that can be given to guests as welcome gifts.
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    Thanks for clarifying Karen. I was thinking the same thing, but I have only been visiting Aruba for about half the number of years as you.

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    You can generally buy these stones in most any holistic or health food store.
    Or try a crystal or rock shop where you live. Or even give ebay a shot. They're produced most everywhere, and they are lovely little tokens.
    Or best yet, go find a rock on the beach that "speaks" to you... that'll have even more meaning.

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