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Thread: Aruba Wedding-moon September 2013

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    Aruba Wedding-moon September 2013

    Hi All,
    I posted a while back regarding a possible destination wedding in Aruba, but since then we have decided to have a civil wedding at city hall, small party at home, and a beach ceremony for just the two of us this September. We have already booked our flight and hotel, which is the Renaissance. I was just about ready to book the Mi Dushi package at the resort which means that our beach blessing would take place on their Ocean Suites beach, but now I am having second thoughts. Has anyone seen any of the blessings at the Ocean Suites?
    We selected the Renaissance because we have stayed their and loved it, especially the private island. However it is an extra $1000 to use the private island.
    I am considering the alternative of getting a justice of the peace to perform the blessing at another location since the setting is the most important part. So long story short I guess I am asking:
    1)has anyone seen or had a nice wedding at Ocean Suites?
    2)what other spots would be perfect for a beautiful beach blessing and some nice photos?

    Even though it is just the two of us we are planning on wearing full wedding attire.

    Thank you for any suggestions!

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    Eagle Beach to relax / Malmok, Boca Catalina & Arashi for snorkeling / Carte Blanche, Zeerovers, Sopranos Piano Bar, Kuku Kanuku & The Pata Pata Bar / The weekend flee market.
    Here is where we did our renewals. On Eagle Beach across from Amsterdam Manor.

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    9th trip to Aruba in

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    Reniassance Island & Surf Club Lazy River
    I have seen well over 10 wedding blessings at the beach area.
    They are done late afternoon, sometimes sunset. Its lovely.
    the $ amt for the private island is over the top.
    very often chairs and tables are set up there fir guests for drinks/ dinner.
    photographers show up. Guests at hotel can watch.
    I would certainly do it

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    Attachment 2460Eagle beach is your best choice, a beautiful quiet beach perfect for pictures as you can see. It's just the two of you so going there is very easy.

    Robert Arenz weddingplanner and professional photographer

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    It's done. Getting our blessing at the Ocean Suites this September. So excited!

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