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Thread: Aruba Wedding Recap/Testimnonials

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    Aruba Wedding Recap/Testimnonials

    Finally back from our honeymoon and finished our write ups for the group of vendors that helped make our dream wedding possible. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask I posted only a few pictures below. I will post another message with a pictures slideshow!


    Info about me and my husband:
    No. of times in Aruba: 5 (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 (twice so far and planning to visit in Dec)
    Where we got engaged: One of the palapas /beach chairs near the fofoti trees
    Current Location: Washington DC

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    Wedding Ceremony/Reception: Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort (by the fofoti trees) & Passions on the beach
    Date: May 30, 2014

    VENUE: Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort / Passions on the Beach
    Aruba Wedding Recap/Testimnonials-ceremony.jpg

    Anne and the entire Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort staff were wonderful. We had picked the divi trees as our dream wedding location, and Anne and her staff made the evening special and memorable. We were lucky enough to meet with Anne in January, before the May 30 wedding date, and she was absolutely wonderful to work with. She gave us the run down of everything, from the food, drinks, to the reception details. She was attentive to our needs, responsive to emails, and a wonderful person to be around. She genuinely cared about us - she was not just another wedding planner, doing her job. She made it personal, and because of that, the wedding was flawless.

    The food was outstanding (we chose the Caribbean Buffet) and there was PLENTY of food. Better yet - the Amsterdam staff kept bringing out more and more food. When one tray was empty, another would magically appear. And at the end of the night, all of the remaining food was packed away and delivered to our room, so we had leftovers (that we promptly put out for the attendees as the wedding for a late night snack!).

    Thanks to Anne and the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort staff, we had the perfect wedding. We would highly recommend the Amsterdam Manor/Passions on the beach as a wedding location - the ceremony between the trees is magical, and the reception location is absolutely perfect, with toes in the sand, but the deck used as the dance floor. And the best part about having a wedding at the Amsterdam Manor - you get to work with Anne Maduro! THANK YOU ANNE FOR A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE AND THE PERFECT WEDDING! We look forward to seeing you again on one of our many future trips to Aruba.

    Lissy was absolutely fantastic! In our opinion, she is the ONLY wedding planner to use if you are planning to get married in Aruba. Her nickname is "General Lampe" - but that is a great thing to have for a wedding. She was attentive to our needs, responsive to email, a pleasure to meet with, and truly put us at ease that our special day was going to be memorable and wonderful. She gave us advice when we asked for it, provided us with recommendations of things we would have never thought of, and was just a pleasure to be around. The best part about Lissy - the wedding planning is more than just a job for her - she takes everything very personally - her life is dedicated to making our day special, and that genuine approach is what makes her so great.

    We can't say enough great things about Lissy, and we highly recommend her to anyone looking to plan a wedding. Put your faith in Lissy and you will NOT be disappointed.

    Thanks to Lissy, we had the wedding of our dreams (everyone was raving over everything - it was absolutely perfect). And more importantly, we made a friend for life in Lissy. There is no doubt in my mind that we will stay in touch with Lissy and we will see her again when we return to Aruba on one of our annual trips. THANK YOU LISSY FOR EVERYTHING! YOU ARE THE BEST!

    We give A+ to the following vendors who worked through Lissy Lampe:

    Roy Croes was great! They were wonderful to work with and did an awesome job capturing the scenes of our Aruba wedding. We had them from the beginning of the ceremony, and we paid for three hours, which also was able to get us our introductions, the first dance, cutting the cake, the mother/son dance, and the start of the actual party/reception! The lighting was wonderful and the final product was great. We will have this video for the rest of our lives, and we are so grateful for the wonderful work of Roy Croes and his team. We highly recommend their services for anyone planning to have a destination wedding in Aruba!

    Aruba Wedding Recap/Testimnonials-bouquet.jpg

    Koolman Floweshop / Greta did an absolutely wonderful job with the flowers for our destination wedding in Aruba. We are a very simple couple, with very simple needs/requests, and the flowers were exactly what we wanted. The bridal bouquet was beautiful with the roses and the callas. The wrist corsages for the mothers were beautiful. And the boutonnieres for the men were great. Koolman Floweshop / Greta truly exceeded our expectations and contributed to what was an absolutely perfect event. We highly recommend using their services for your destination wedding in Aruba. They will only use the best floral arrangements to meet your needs, and provide you with top-notch quality and service.

    Marietta did a wonderful job with the hair and makeup. I was lucky enough to have a trial hair and makeup event in January, before our May 30 wedding. Marietta provided great recommendations for both the hair and makeup. Unfortunately, when we arrived in Aruba - we found out that Marietta was not going to be available to do my hair and makeup due to an emergency and she had to go out of town. However, she met with me the day before the wedding and introduced me to Humberto. We discussed the hair and make-up design and Umberto along with his assistant were prepared for the day of the wedding. The next day, we all made it to the room around noon, and Umberto went to work. He, and his assistant, did a great job getting us ready for the special and important day. The care that Umberto and his assistant staff took in preparing us for our wedding day should not go unnoticed. They were a large part of what ended up being the perfect wedding day for me and my husband. We highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a good hair and makeup group in Aruba!

    Aruba Wedding Recap/Testimnonials-cake.jpg
    Thank you to Phillip Maduro (owner and main baker of Cakes by Phillip) for the wonderful wedding cake on our wedding day. The design was beautiful and everyone was raving at how great the cake looked. And better yet - it tasted delicious! We asked for the top tier to be vanilla with mango filling, and the bottom tier was vanilla with nutella filling. On the day of the wedding, Phillip contacted our wedding planner to let her know that he was only going to make the top tier with mango if he could get fresh mangoes that day. We were prepared to have an all nutella cake... but to our surprise, the fresh mangoes came in, and the cake was delicious. We appreciated Phillip's honesty in preparing the cake. We did not want frozen mango as the filling for the top tier - rather have nutella throughout. Other people might have just used the frozen mangoes - but not Phillip

    The cake was perfect and absolutely delicious. As a matter of fact, when the dessert table was opened, the dance floor cleared, and everyone got some wedding cake. As a result - the cake was completely gone in no time, a great testament to Phillip's work. We highly recommend using Cakes by Phillip for your wedding cake if you are planning a destination wedding in Aruba. The quality if top notch and your guests will not be disappointed!

    Steelpan Player (Charles Brouwer)

    Charles was our steelpan player and known to be one of Aruba's best. His mastery of the instrument showed and everyone loved the island tropical music during the ceremony. Charles' Canon in D version while walking down the aisle was perfect!

    Officiator (Rev Jacobs)
    Reverend Jacobs was superb. We cannot thank him enough for making our ceremony special and memorable. The ceremony was exactly what we wanted and represented our feelings perfectly. We kept hearing from our guests how much they enjoyed the ceremony and how touched they were. My husband and I are grateful to Rev. Jacobs for making our special day even more extraordinary!

    DJ Tino (Cyclone Promotions)
    Tino was a great DJ for our Aruba wedding. We provided him some guidance on the songs we wanted and the type of music we were hoping to have for the entire evening, and he did not disappoint. All of the songs we requested were played at the exact right times. And DJ Tino was able to keep the group dancing the entire night, with mixes from the oldies, the 80s, the 90s, and the hits of today. The dance floor was almost never empty, and even when people would stop dancing (e.g. to get the dessert that was put out), DJ Tino would play a great dance song, and everyone would be back on the dance floor. THANK YOU DJ TINO FOR A GREAT NIGHT!

    Jane Z Photography

    Jane was absolutely great - just what we were hoping for our destination wedding in Aruba. We had a tough time deciding over the local photographers in Aruba but we found the perfect photographer in the US! I found Jane while searching for Aruba wedding photos on google and it came back with this beautiful couple who was married in Aruba 2 years ago. I absolutely loved their photos and immediately looked for Jane's info. After seeing her work and knowing more of her photography background, I contacted Jane right away. I had so many questions but after talking to Jane on the phone and negotiating for prices and dates, I knew she would be the perfect fit for us. Flying her down from Phoenix Arizona was well worth it for us!

    Jane gave us the attention we needed, and was with us throughout the weekend events. Sure, we paid for her to come to Aruba, but then she was at our disposal, and truly went out of her way to capture the best photos, and everything we would want. If we went with the local photographer, we would have paid by the hour, and we probably would not have gotten all of the shots we wanted for the photos. With Jane Z, we negotiated the events that we wanted her at to take photos, and then she worked her magic. We had her for the rehearsal dinner; then all day on the day of the wedding, which included photo shoots at the Gold Mine Ruins, the Natural Bridge, some beach shots, and downtown Oranjestad; and finally as we were getting ready for the wedding and the actual wedding (she stayed until the very end and got some great action shots of the dancing and fun we had as a group). Finally, we had her the next morning for the "trash the dress photo shoot."

    Jane was the best. She directed us when we needed directing, found some great locations for the photo shoots, and was with us when we needed her. The pictures were perfect and absolutely beautiful. Jane has the eye for taking pictures - something that you have to be born with, you just can't teach that type of skill.

    THANK YOU JANE FOR THE WONDERFUL PICTURES! WE ARE SO HAPPY WITH THE PRODUCT, THE PICTURES AND EVERYTHING YOU DID TO MAKE OUR WEDDING A PERFECT EVENT. To anyone else out there looking for a great photographer - we highly recommend Jane. You will not need to worry about your photos, her professionalism and eye for photos will make your pictures the best part of your event.

    end of review

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Aruba Wedding Recap/Testimnonials-groom-bride.jpg   Aruba Wedding Recap/Testimnonials-aisle-chair-decor.jpg  

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    Thanks so much for a great detailed review! Sounds like a perfect wedding!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Nice...Thanks for sharing!

    Bride-beautiful Groom- handsome!
    Your dress is elegant/classic

    Were there any regulations or concerns with bringing in your own photographer....working permit?....taxes?

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    I did ask whether a permit was required and was told we didn't need it. She was actually in Aruba for one week and technically on vacation besides the 3 days she worked with us.

    If we ever renew our vows, we will have to fly her down again

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    Nice...Thanks for sharing!

    Bride-beautiful Groom- handsome!
    Your dress is elegant/classic

    Were there any regulations or concerns with bringing in your own photographer....working permit?....taxes?

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    Do you have contact information for cakes by Phillip?

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    Tino is the best DJ around!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by essrule View Post
    Do you have contact information for cakes by Phillip?
    Hello! I don't have his info but I may be able to get it from my wedding planner. Sorry late response, but let me know if you still need the info.

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    After having our own dream time at the same location, with the same people we are able to confirm everything you said!

    Some day we will be back on Aruba, and I'm sure it will be the Amsterdam Manor.

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