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Thread: Aruba's got Talent!

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    Every beach is my favorite place to be.

    Aruba's got Talent!

    The people from Aruba are known around the world for being the friendliest. Besides all of the warm and gentle hearts, ARUBA'S got TALENT! I noticed here yesterday that several members were saying that Aruba's photographers are not up to par and recommended a specific photographer as Aruba's premiere photographer from Miami. So, I went to his site: and was very disappointed in his attitude towards Aruban Photographers.

    A word to my brides about my work. I recently became aware of many photographers who live in Aruba, copying and duplicating my photographs that they copy off of my site. Real professional. Instead of being creative, they just steal others ideas and copy their photographs. Unbeleivable in my opinion. Low Class individuals with no talent. Because of this fact, I do not put all my work on my site or Blog due to these so called photographers that steal from others. Once you hire me, and you will be real happy you did, I will provide a private link to view my future best work, as I do not want anymore photographers in Aruba to copy my ideas. UNBELEIVABLE. I am always very protective of my images. Most wedding planners that have their own business on the Island will only reffer you to their local photographers only. ONLY USE WHO YOU FEEL IN YOUR HEART IS BEST FOR THE JOB AND OF COURSE WHAT YOUR BUDGET ALLOWS. Be real careful which photographer who you hire in Aruba. Its your special day, why take a chance, especially with your wedding day photographs. If you are looking for the best Aruba Wedding Photographer, then hire the best, and give me a call in MIAMI all you NEW YORK BRIDES. I will make you real happy garanteed. NO EXCEPTIONS NO EXUSES.

    DEAR FRANK... There is no excuse Very sad to say the least.
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    Well, he is saying Aruba photographers copy his work. Now my answer to that is, he would be the last person I would want even try to copy. If you want an average wedding you can go ahead and book him!

    The really LOW part of his post is that it is really LOW on his behalf to get destination weddings. Maybe things are slow on his end and is desperate to get work! If people don;t hire you in your backyard means your doing something wrong. I know talking bad about some else is easy to do to get work, but then again no professional goes that LOW.

    DEAR FRANK, your low!

    Live life to fullest and have while doing it!

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    Frank has been banned from this site.
    His ALIASES "Nay and SARAH" are banned as well.

    Yes folks believe it or not, there are devious folks out there in cyberland that are horrible.

    thread closed
    the bad man is gone as are his aliases.

    so, this thread is closed.
    no sense giving frank anymore "publicity and attention"......he must thrive on negative and positive attention........just like a needy child.

    end of story, no more frank business on this forum.........he is unworthy of us wasting brain cells on him.

    Andrea James

    (get the spelling right FRANK, when you report me to the supervisors )
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