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Thread: Attendant Gifts...Should we wait until we get to Aruba to buy something?

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    Attendant Gifts...Should we wait until we get to Aruba to buy something?

    I have two bridesmaids and I want to get them a bracelet as gift for being part of our special day.

    My question is with all the jewelry stores on the island (plus the added benefit of sentimental value of it coming from Aruba) do you think we should wait until we get there to purchase something? Do you think we'll have a problem finding something nice for them?

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    I think you will have a very easy time picking something out in aruba for bridesmaids gifts. There are plenty of jewelers on the island. You didn't mention what you would like to spend, but they do carry the pandora stuff over there so you could pick up the bracelet and charms if that would interest you. We always use Kays Jewelers and have found then reputable, honest and timely.

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    Bridesmaid Gifts

    We just returned from Aruba and visited Columbian Emerald Jewelers in the Renaissance Mall. Their prices are very good plus their staff is very helpful. Of course there are many jewelers in Aruba and some that I would highly recommend are Little Switzerland and Gandleman Jewelers. These companies have been in Aruba many, many years and are very reputable. I'm sure you will find something very nice for your bridesmaids.
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