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Thread: Best Wedding Photographer Bryan Morris

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    Best Wedding Photographer Bryan Morris

    Hi Everyone,
    My husband and I just got married on October 13th at the Riu in Aruba.

    Choosing a photographer was one of the things I was most nervous about. However, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Bryan Morris. I couldnt have asked for a better wedding photographer!!!

    I found Bryan, just by searching online and IM so happy I didnt randomly choose ANYONE else!!

    Bryan was extrememly professional from the beginning. He responded to my e-mails VERY quickly and was always professional and fun to e-mail back and forth with!

    Also, before we even arrived to Aruba, Bryan took it upon himself to go to our hotel (the Riu) and check it out to make sure he was familiar with it.

    As soon as we arrived to the Riu, Bryan was one of the first people to contact me to check on things, he even drove over to our hotel a few days before the wedding just to meet us!! I cant tell you how much more comfortable this made me!!!

    As for his skill, he is an AMAZING photographer! He is creative, romantic, and awesome at his job!! All of the shots he took were amazing and well thought out!! I honestly couldnt have asked fore a better photographer!

    I am unable to post a link to his website on here because of the rules, but I would highly suggest you check it out. Just google Bryan Morris Photography!

    Or please feel free to e-mail me at anytime and I'll send you the link that way!

    Trust me, if you are hiring a photographer in Aruba, you should hire Bryan!


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    Can lyou post any pictures for us to see.

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