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Thread: Bride Changing Name Problems NJ DMV

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    Bride Changing Name Problems NJ DMV

    A couple that recently got married in a civil ceremony in Aruba went to the NJ DMV last week with their notarized copies of their Dutch Marriage Certificate and translated copy from Dutch to English so the bride could change her legal name to her married name on her drivers liscense. The English translation by the way has the official Aruba Seal and is approved by the Aruba Government. The couple called me today to tell me that the NJ DMV in the town where they live would not accept the translated marriage certificate because the translator in Aruba was not approved by the state of NJ. Instead they were given a list of approved NJ translators and were told that they must go to one of the approved listed translators by the state of NJ. Needless to say, this is a very upset couple. I even went as far as to call the Trenton DMV and expained the situation to a supervisor. She checked with someone else and told me the couple must go to one of their approved translators. I explained that I never heard of this policy before and have known many brides from NJ or other states that did not have any problems with state or government agencies with their official Aruba English marriage certificate translation when they changed their name. My question is has anyone on this board had any problems changing their names on various documents either in NJ or their home state? Was your English translation by the official Aruba translator accepted by the government agencies where you went to change your name accepted or did you have problems? Your help would be appreciated so I can advise the couple accordingly. Thanks so much
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    I am from NY and got married in Aruba in Oct 2007. I was aware in advance of the problem at the NY DMV (I can't speak regarding NJ). I was told that due to recent security changes, the NY DMV no longer accepts out of country marriage certificates as valid proof of name change. I was able to get around it by first having both my Social Security Card and Passport changed to my married name (I had no problem with either of them) and using both of those documents as proof of my name change at the NY DMV. I will say the NY DMV was very up-front and honest with me when I inquired prior to my wedding regarding this and they were very clear that they would not accept my marriage certificate from any other country and they are the one's that provided me with the info regarding my options. Imagine that - actual help from the NY DMV!! I hope this is helpful for you.

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