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Thread: Civil Legal Ceremony Documentation Help

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    Civil Legal Ceremony Documentation Help

    I noticed that most of the paperwork for getting married states that it has an apostles, is this simply a notary?


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    No it is a totally different thing. In Massachusetts, it's issued by the Secretary of States Office for $7.00 a page. It has a fancy seal on it and looks real official but I think a regular Notary Stamp means a lot more. . . . It no big deal to get the Apostles, you just need to know who issues it in your state. . .

    Tom and Stanley (the Aruba Guys)

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    Hello essrule,
    This part seems way more complicated than it really is. An apostille is not a notary, though. Think of it as a higher level of authentication. For example, your birth certificate may be signed by the county clerk of courts. You then need to send that document to the secretary of states office and they authenticate the courts signature via the apostille. For us the fees charged by the states were nominal ($3 to $10) and our documents were returned with the apostillle in less than 2 weeks. You can get more information from the secretary of states office website or by calling them. I got really hung up on this and it was actually pretty easy and quick. Good luck and if you need any help, feel free to message me.

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    You do have to get the Apostille from the same state the birth certificate was issued though. My husband has to go back to Georgia for his, mine came from overseas and it's a little more complicated. If you live close to your state's capitol, you can get it immediately by going to their offices.

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