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Thread: copyrights of photos

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    copyrights of photos

    hi brides and grooms

    please check your contracts with your wedding photographers to make certain of copyrights re: your wedding photos.

    silly me..........i thought just because that you "owned them", you have the right to post them. apparently that is not always the case.

    some, NOT ALL, photographers have copyrights and do not allow them to be published without express written permission from the photographer.

    andrea james

    per the forum rules re: copyright

    Abide by Copyright Law

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    Please note that virtually anything you can find in print, on the web or off, is copyrighted. If you canít find a copyright notice it is best to assume the work youíre quoting is copyrighted and proceed accordingly.

    We reserve the right to remove, after one request to the poster for the required information to be posted within 24 hours, any postings that is in violation of this rule.

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    do you know other laws about getting photos that were taken but not given to us as the client? it would be tough to prove but our photographer showed us pictures that he took of our wedding day that he did not give to us on the CD. he know says he never took those but my husband and i sat down with him and he showed them to us. any thoughts?

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    To the best of my knowledge, the photographers that I worked with asked the permission of the couples if he or she would be allowed to show them publicly.
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