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Thread: Different type of vow renewal

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    Different type of vow renewal

    I have been looking through the vow renewal posts, but didn't see anything along these lines. I am looking to have a ceremony for just the two of us, no pictures, guests, legal paperwork or getting dressed up...just a simple renewal and blessing of our marriage. We have 33 years in, so it looks like it might work out. All I need is for a Catholic priest to meet us somewhere on a beach and do the 5 minute ceremony. Anybody done anything like this? I haven't searched around for the Catholic churches yet, but saw some posts implying it might be hard to find a priest willing to do this. Anybody got any pointers
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    Catholic Vow Renewal on the Beach

    Several years ago I spoke to a Catholic Priest and asked if he would ever come to the beach to perform a ceremony. He replied that "God did not build his house on sand" and therefore he would never come to the beach to perform a ceremony. However, you might want to contact one of the Catholic Churhes in Aruba and ask if that Priest would perform a simple vow renewal without having anyone present.
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    were you able to get a priest to officiate your vow renewal or to give a blessing?
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    Thanks for the help! I am currently working with Evita from Aruba Ever After, and planning for next Monday afternoon.

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