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Thread: Do you have any good recommendation for me?

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    Do you have any good recommendation for me?

    Hi all, I have a wedding coming up of my close friend. We have taken care of all the arrangements but just one thing is left, suitable gifts for the attendants. We would like to have something given that would be remembered by them, coming on the monetary issue we would not like to make it expensive too. So, would like to get suggestions from you people to help me decide a gift for the guests.

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Is this an aruban wedding on the island?

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    Get best unique gifts for all purpose

    hello friend,

    I would recommend, give any key chains of a different style or any gold item, Picture Frame etc., For better criteria of selection, you can go at GiftsForYouNow. In this store you can get all type of gifts for marriage, birthday, engagement etc., Hope my reply will help you.

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    We are getting married on Monday in Aruba and as our wedding favors we are treating everyone to a sunset sail the following day. Of course we only have 20 people. It could get expensive if you have more people.

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    For our wedding last July we gave everyone Lennox picture frames and then we also had our photographer take sunset pictures of each couple or family. Everyone really liked this idea because it isn't often that you can get a great professional photographs taken in such a beautiful place.

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