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Thread: A Dream Come True!

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    A Dream Come True!

    Planning a matter how small, can be very stressful especially from 2,000 miles away! My husband and I recently spent our "Weddingmoon" in Aruba, and had the most incredibly romantic time.

    Even though we were just doing a ceremony for the two of us, I was very concerned about making sure the details were just right. I was referred to Reverand Robert Gibson through the wedding planner at our hotel. Since we weren't bringing guests, there was no need for us to pay the extra money for a planner. Reverand Robert in turn referred us to a couple of photographers, but I didn't have a lot of luck with them responding...all except for one. We used , and every time I had a question, both of them gave us immediate responses to our questions, and also made suggestions based on what I told him we were looking for.

    We ended up having our ceremony on the beach in front of the Divi Sunset Bistro, where the reverand had made reservations for dinner after the ceremony. I was a little concerened about the dinner since the bistro was not very crowded, but I have to tell you that the food was INCREDIBLE, and having dinner in the sand at the water's edge was very romantic. After dinner, we enjoyed our moonlit walk back to our hotel.

    We are so appreciative of all of the help that Reverand Robert and gave to us. There was very little stress to plan for me, besides hoping that we had some great wedding pictures. Elnathan deliverd our pictures to the hotel the following day, and I was blown away at how beautiful they were!! The were so much more than I could have ever hoped for, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for their dream Aruba wedding!
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    A beautiful wedding you had. May happy years together.

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    Rev Gibson...he's the best.....

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    Beautiful pictures! Thanks!

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    Congrats...glad to know you had a good time on yourWeddingmoon !!!
    Great pix as well....

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