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Thread: Eloping/Videographer Streaming

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    Eloping/Videographer Streaming

    Hello! My fiance and are I coming to Aruba in May. I am looking for a videographer who could stream our ceremony? I searched google and this forum but no contact info is listed for anyone. Thank you!

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    welcome to the community forum

    check out the list of planners.
    maybe one of them could assist.

    also too, i will contact cyclone promotions (tino) and see who he recommends

    Aruba Fairy Tales[/COLOR]
    Tel: (+297) 593-8000 ext. 8115Mobile: (+297)

    Aruba Weddings For You
    Tel: (+297) 525-5293
    Toll free:

    Cayena Weddings and Events
    Tel: (973) 460-0284
    Tel: (212)

    Ceremonies & Celebrations in Aruba
    Tel: (+297) 582-2975
    Tel: (321)

    E2 Events
    Mobile: (+297) 593-0006Tel: (641)

    Dream Weddings Aruba
    Tel: (+297) 564-3298/565-6872Tel: (917)

    [COLOR=rgb(54.450000%, 63.360000%, 64.350000%)]Letz Aruba[/COLOR]
    Tel: (+297) 592-7776
    Toll free:

    [COLOR=rgb(54.450000%, 63.360000%, 64.350000%)]Simply Us Weddings LLC[/COLOR]
    Tel: (+297) 565-1534
    Tel: (646)

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    check out this link too
    Recommendations for videographer

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    Welcome to the Community Forum! Congrats on your upcoming wedding. Please let us know what you find about live streaming!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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