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Thread: Flower shops.

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    Flower shops.

    I am getting married in July. My last trip there I found the florist I wanted to use. He gave me a card and I just recently emailed him and there was no response. the name of the shop is Floritek. Does any one know if they are still in business? I have emailed several times with no response.
    Or does anyone know of a reasonably priced florists with a good amount of options for flowers.

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    some prior posts about florists

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    We use Jardin Caribe Flower Shop and are very pleased. Their website is: and to call direct their # is: 011-29705822660. Hope this helps.

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    Aruba Local Florist online
    Aruba Flower Fountain is a website i've used many times. I have great experience with them. Call them at 297-5839094 and ask for Edison (he can definitely help you out) or checkout their website at

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    one of the links says all products out of stock and one access forbidden, any options for delivery today?

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    Imo, if they are still open today. Just telephone them directly at the numbers Andrea posted. Both are reputable florists.

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    I've had great results with Flora Market

    They will make you EXACLTLY what you want. You send them a picture and when you pick it up, they give you back your picture and carbon copy original bouquet.

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    I am using Floritek for my wedding in May. I actually went to the shop and met with Wilson last month, so I assume (hope!) he is still in business. Do you have a wedding coordinator? Maybe he/she can help you get in touch with him or try calling.

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