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Thread: get legally married at home or aruba

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    Civil Ceremony home or Aruba

    I have been to weddings where the civil ceremony took place the same day as the beach ceremony. If done in the morning as early as possible (around 10 a.m.), you still have the rest of the morning, early afternoon for the bride to have their hair and makeup done. I have also been to weddings where the civil ceremony took place the day before the beach ceremony . My thoughts are whatever is easiest and convenient for the couple is what they should do (getting married in Aruba or home country) Just discuss with your fiance and sure you will make the best decision.
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    My wife and I got married in Aruba last month. We did the civil and the beach wedding in the same day. Our civil was at 10 am and the beach ceremony was at 4pm. We didn't feel too rushed at all between the 2 events that day and know it can easily be done. The civil portion once you are there only takes 20 min or so and is a very nice touch we thought. We even had time to do an hour long photo shoot in the civil hall and surrounding area.

    However, the paperwork to get this done is another story. We had a difficult time figuring out what was required and how to go about it all. Everyone's best friend Google helped out a lot but in the end we used LETZ Services with which definitely helped out. Once the paperwork was complete you send the originals to her via Fed Ex and she gets it all done ahead of time. We received our translated wedding certificate a week later.

    On the other hand, I have a co-worker that just got married in Aruba shortly after we did, but they did it the opposite way and got married at home first and then did the beach ceremony there which turned out well too.

    I think in the end it will all boil down to whether or not you want to go through the hassle of completing all the paperwork to do it all in Aruba. Both ceremonies are easily do-able in the same day without feeling rushed. If you are worried about being rushed maybe look at a 6 pm beach ceremony to give a little extra time.
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    Here's another twist. A girl I work with went to the Dominican Rep. to get married, but found out how much paperwork etc. it was going to be so they decided on just doing the blessing on the beach and have the actual wedding back home. Probably a good 3 months of being home they are no longer together!!! They dated for awhile, have a child together. Went to counseling. But it still didn't work. So, she's happy they only did the blessing. aughhh What are the chances!

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