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Thread: Getting Married in Aruba 2012- Any tips/advice?

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    baby beach, the amazing rock formations, but pretty much everything else too
    interesting! i heard from my planner almost every day before our visit and commiting to the place (while we were being sold to), but once we did that, communication from them slowed down significantly. We had to track down the accounting department just to get a confirmation of our deposit! Long story short, i did get everything in writing and talked to someone whose wedding did not go according to expecations. Then knowing what the pittfalls were, i double and tripple confirmed everything so there is no room for interpretation. I also kept a word document that i kept resending and updated all the details we agreed on in order to keep it all in one place. Having done all this, everything went really well. But, i'll be honest, i did most of the planning 2 months before the wedding.
    Good luck with the wedding - i'm sure everything is going to go great for you!

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    Milacik- The word document is a great idea! We communicate mostly via email so I am definitely going to start one. Most of our agreements were done in person so I love the idea of updating it for each detail we discuss. Thank you for the advice!
    Where did you get married?

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    Hi Jennifer, I am getting married at the Hyatt this October. I was wondering if you have found a DJ yet? If so do you have any recommendations? Thanks

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    Smile Marriott

    Quote Originally Posted by om2011 View Post
    richandliz---do you have any suggestions for the Marriott? I am getting married there is Dec and was looking to see if anyone who was married there had any suggestions, ideas, things that went really well that you can pass on to me. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
    Which Marriott are you getting married in? We are getting married in the Stelaris in October. We are visiting Aruba from DC next week to do wedding planning and will be stayin for three days at the Marriott Renissiance and two at the Stelaris property. I can let you know what we think about the location and what not when we get back, just send me an email or PM me. (We get back May 24th). Things that have gone really well for us is using Ever After for most of our wedding needs. They are doing our hair, makeup, photography, videography, band set up, and probably more! You won't have to worry at all if you use them to book all your vendors... they are even better than the in house staff. If you are using the Marriott Stelaris, I can share the details of our experience thus far if you'd like. Hope this helps!

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    Love the whole island!
    I am just seeing this thread. . .We got married at Stellaris, so if anyone still has questions, I would be more than happy to try and answer them.

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