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Thread: Getting Married, Marriott August 2008

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    Getting Married, Marriott August 2008

    Hi, new to the site. Im getting married at the marriott in august of this year. Working with Chela, she is very nice. met for a whole day when i was down there in december on vacation. the florist seemed very nice, his name was Robert i believe. but he has not gotten back to my fiance with pictures that he said he would get her. Does anyone know of a good florist just in case we cant use him?

    Any other advice would be great!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

    Two excellent threads with florist info:
    Aruba Florists

    When all else fails, there is always the listing of Florists in the Aruba Yellow Pages.

    Personally I have heard very good things about HESTHER'S and Flower Fountain.

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    Marriott August 2008


    Just wanted you to know that Chela at Marriott is excellent and have worked with her many times. Robert the florist is excellent as well, but know that he is very busy and does mean well when he promised to send you photos of his work. My suggestion is to email him directly if you have his email address and remind him to send you some examples of his work. If not, just email Chela and sure she will followup with Robert on your behalf. She is very good that way
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    I am getting married at the Marriott in August too! We are staying at the Ocean Club. I was working with Chela, then I was working with Rosella. Desiree is our wedding planner. We have booked August 5, 2008!!! I am so excited!!!

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    Robert owns his mom's Elsa's Flowershop now and he is excellent! I think you will like what he makes for you. I do suggest that any florist you migh have, try to show them pictures of what you want or something similar!!!

    Not everyone is as lucky ... and daring as I am and goes to see a new friend at Flora Market, tells him it has to be modern, orders and pays for tulips (my weakness and almost only on special order available on Aruba) and the day before the wedding hands him orange feathers and a piece of sprig with plastic droplets and tiny leaves to work with... I was the happiest bride in the world when I received my bouquet and boutonieres!

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