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Thread: Gift for the newlyweds

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    Gift for the newlyweds


    My son is getting married in May in Aruba.

    I am thinking it would be great if the kids had somthing waiting for them in thier room upon arrival.

    Special wine or basket ???? Any suggestions would be gretly appreciated !

    Thank you Reader

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    some type of gift wine and fruit basket with a gift certificate to one of the nicer restaurants on island?
    restaurant suggestions...... COOKS, Madam Janettes, LG SMITH, Flying Fishbone.

    if you are interested in a gift certificate for restaurant we can help you contact a restaurant.

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    Baliashi beer.... I know, its not wine, its local brew beer, and I wish was everywhere in the world. It's that good.

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    Thanj you

    Great Ideas!

    Thank you!

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    The beaches and the sea

    Gift for Bride and Groom Waiting in Room

    Contact the resort they are staying at as they can certainly help you. Might I suggest breakfast in Bed the morning after they arrive? The resorts do this sort of thing all of the time
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