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Thread: Great Aruban Wedding!

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    Great Aruban Wedding!

    Hi All!
    Just a little to tell you about our amazing wedding in Aruba!

    We planned it for around a year , well i say we, Nashette Wouters from the Bucuti Hotel planned everything perfectly!
    From when we arrived Nashette was always around to speak to if we wanted too and helped us with everything right up to doing up the dress in the room!
    We stayed at the Bucuti (VERY highly recommended!) had the formal wedding in the town hall and back to the Beautiful beach for a beach ceremony.

    It was just the two of us (very romantic) and even tho it was the evening the whole island had a black out (bucuti had generators) it still went great, Nashette worried as she had no music for us due to the cut blowing the extension on beach(not a big deal to us) but asked the steel pan player to hang on for our ceremony so we had some! How sweet!

    We used Victor Winklaar for our photos, he had some great ideas and when we got the photos back we were stunned with the results. We loved the fact he's a genuine guy and got excited for us and our pictures!
    We didnt have the picture perfect sunset but a bit of cloud over the sea just gave the photos even more colour and didnt ruin one little thing, the pictures were fantastic!

    We also had it filmed it by Provideo, we wernt sure wether to do this but as we were alone we thought for family it would be nice, we were so happy we did because its a beautiful tasteful video (even made family cry!) we didnt even notice being filmed for most of it!

    Our advice to people thinking about marrying in Aruba DO IT! We are from the UK and recently had a blessing / party back here for family and while it went great, The aruban wedding was so much more intimate and romantic, we wouldnt change it for the world! Also get it filmed if you can, you forget so much so quick! Victor and Nashette were like our guests on the evening it was so nice of them to make the effort for us, again if your thinking about it, just do it!
    Hope this helps some people and wasnt too long!

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    congratulations :-)

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