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    Smile Hair & Makeup

    Hi all!!! I am so excited to be getting married on Renaissance Island on the 5th of April. I have inquired with the hotel (the Renaissance) about using their services for hair and makeup but it seems really expensive. (Almost $200 just for me) Is there anyone that is local that would come to the room to do at most 4 people? thanks for the suggestions in advance. YAY!!

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    yes, there is jennive, who is wonderful and we used Marietta. I don't have jennive's number but someone on here will know. I do have Marietta's number if you need it. she came to the room. I believe she charged $150 for make up & hair and $75 for just make up but I don't remember for sure. but she did come to the room.

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    Congratulations and Welcome to the community fourm!!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    Hey I'll be getting married at the Renaissance a few days after you...the 8th! We're almost there!! Ahhhhhh As far as the hair and makeup at the Renaissance, I wasn't impressed with pics that I've seen on their website. However our wedding planner recommended Bruce Stamper? I follow him on Instagram and he does beautiful work. Anyone ever use him?

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    Not sure if you have already found her contact information or booked someone else since your wedding is next week! But I got ahold of Jenn at this email... assuming it is the same person, she was recommended by a local Aruban photographer. Jennifer Croes-veeris <>

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