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Thread: has anyone stayed at the Mill?

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    The island itself !

    Smile has anyone stayed at the Mill?

    Hi Gang
    I'm writing this for a coworker of my husbands.
    The young couple is having difficult time on which place to stay at for their honeymoon... they are getting married in Sept and my husband suggested Aruba as it is out of the hurricane belt so they wouldn't have to worry...
    There is a special going on at the Mill for $859 for 5nts
    now, I've have been at the Mill but it was about 10yrs ago and I had a corner unit and all I remember are the cockroaches that my friend squished with her sneaker... yuck!
    so I'm hesitant to have this couple stay there - has anyone been at the Mill after they renovated??? how is it now?
    any other place anyone could suggest for a couple on low funds???
    I personally would splurge as its your honeymoon and I have been to aruba 4x's and I love it but if you are on a limited low budget - where would you stay?? the reason for the low budget is now the bride is stuck with bill for block of rooms at hotel for wedding here in MA, that she thought family would call themselves and reserve and they haven't so now she is stuck with that bill, which means less money to spend on honeymoon.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
    Thanks gang
    til then - keep smiling just thinking of Aruba
    Aaaaahhhhh !
    Next Aruba trip in

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    North Side of the island, we spend a day there alone and maybe see 4 people.
    We stayed at the Mill several years ago ourselves before we bought our timeshare. This September we booked a night at the Mill on each end of our timeshare week because it worked out cheaper with airfare package. Kind of like the hotel nights were free.
    We are staying on a Friday & a Sunday night and the price is $107 with tax inc. a night? I am not sure why it is so high, maybe the dates she will be there.

    She might want to try "packaging" her airfare and flight together. When I priced them seperatly I could clearly see I would be paying extra.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Here is a review of the Mill Trip Report 5/14 -5/20 First Trip! (Long)

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