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Thread: hiring a band for wedding reception

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    hiring a band for wedding reception

    Can anyone help us with finding a band to play at our daughters reception at the Radisson in June? Our planner and hotel coordinator have only suggested a few bands and only 1 had on-line music for us to audition. Seems like this is impossible!

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    Depending on what sort of music you want, try connecting with one of the radio stations on the island. (CoolFM, Revelucion, MagikFM) They all have a pipeline into the music and bands on the island. Or you could contact other hotels and see if they might have any recommendations, as in perhaps one of the bands that play at the resorts.
    There are a lot of great musicians and bands on that circuit.

    Good luck with your search.
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    Kenny, I actually e-mailed you today about using you as my photographer! I may have to pick your brain about the Band thing too because photography is the most important thing to me, but a VERY close second is the music!

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    Many couples come to the island to chose their wedding location when at all possible. Even if it is a long weekend, many evenings you can hear many of the bands playing at resorts or clubs. Hearing for yourselves is the best way that I think is to choose your band or DJ.
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    If you mention a little precise what you're looking for I'm sure that we can point you in the right direction, eventhough I think that by now you're all set but this post might serve someone else.

    Bryan Morris

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    classical band

    looking for somebody that can play classical music.

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