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Thread: How to get around for Trash the Dress shoot

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    How to get around for Trash the Dress shoot

    Hello - I see that there were a few brides who did the Trash the Dress shoot. Did you rent a car and drive around with the photographer or did you contract a tour guide?

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    Since my photographer lives on the Island, she is going to take us in her car for our photo shoot.
    I guess it depends on which photographer you choose.

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    We had a rental car for the week. If you can, you might want to try to visit a few sites a day or two before the shoot. We got to see a lot of cool places on the jeep tour.

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    The way I work is I request my clients to rent a car for the day and I would either drive them or direct them to areas around the island. The reason for this is, I don't take my car for personal use to the locations that I would take a couple because it's rough so get a rental that is usually back there.

    If your photographer is not local you should get a car and go around on your own. I would even suggest taking an island tour before hand and kind of scope out the area that you will like to use ofcourse coordinating this with your tour guide or you can utilize a portablr GPS and mark the locations to make it a bit easier to locate upon return with your photographer.

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