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Thread: Hyatt question

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    Question Hyatt question

    We are thinking of getting married in Aruba in early December..the second weekend. We really love the Hyatt and would love to have the reception there, but the quote for the group room rate seems kind of high....especially since early December is a slow time of year for travel. We can't expect our guests to pay almost $300 a night plus taxes when they could stay anywhere else for much cheaper. So I was wodering if anyone was able to get a good rate at the Hyatt or I am just wasting my time. Are they at all negotiable?
    Thank you!

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    check out renting some timeshares..cheaper per nite

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    Hyatt insists on 10 rooms for a minimum of 30 nights. We looked there but decided we could not get that amount. We went to the Renaissance and ended up with discounted rooms. 15 rooms ended up being reserved through the hotel plus another 7 through various other options.

    The Hyatt is great but the minimum and high room prices scared us away.

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    Hyatt's facilities are among the best on the island. December is not so slow for them. I doubt they're willing to negotiate. The good news is there are alternatives as suggested above.
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    We stayed at the hyatt this april and it is expensive but worth it!! Maybe your guests could rent a timeshare at the playa linda next door?

    Joanie a

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