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Thread: Knipoog Salon v. Intermezzo

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    Quote Originally Posted by serenaee View Post
    I got married in November and used Knipoog I was so happy with everything. I never had a trial and they were excellent. I hope this helps Congrats! I posted my link below.

    Knipoog Hair Salon was excellent for Hair and Makeup Highly recommended!!!!
    Hi we just got back from our November 12th Aruba Marriott wedding... It was more than we could of ever imagined. We had a blast!!!!! I used Knipoog for my hair and makeup... They were excellent!!!!!! Two girls named Rubia (hair) and Elene (makeup ) came to my hotel room... The knew exactly what I wanted after I showed them a few pictures.. They were both so sweet and professional... What good energy.. It went so smoothly... they were both done in little over an hour... I highly recommend them. I come from New York and was nervous about hair and make-up but as soon as I heard they were a European based company I had a good feeling and it turned out to be right... Plus they were only 150.00 for hair and makeup!!! I hope this helps any brides who are searching !!!!

    I attached a picture so you can get an idea..

    Thank you,
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    Serena - I LOVE your hair in that picture. May I ask how long it is so I have an idea of such a style would be achievable for me?


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    All I can say is that Saldy from the Intermezzo salon rocked! He did a great job on my hair and my bridesmaids. We had a little trouble having the woman stylist understand what we wanted, but Saldy stepped in and fixed the bridesmaids hair exactly like they wanted. It turned out beautiful! If you use them ask for Saldy and you won't be disappointed!

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