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Thread: Make-up Artist - Andrew Curiel

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    Make-up Artist - Andrew Curiel

    Hello everyone,

    I'm starting to do research regarding makeup and hair people for my wedding weekend. I'm a bit hesitant since I haven't heard good things. My mother is a former hairdresser, so there may be a reason why. Anyways, I've heard about a MAC certified gentleman named Andrew Curiel. Has anyone ever worked with him?

    My reason to start a bit early is to be able to schedule trials with people when I am there this spring. Worst case scenario I would fly someone from home in if all doesn't work out. I figured I would ask around first though.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    What is it that you would like to know about Andrew? He's great I've seen many of his creations. I've even done a wedding or two with him a few years ago but right now I can't remember which bride it was to point you in the direction of examples. Sorry! If you want to know if he's good, yes he is and their are many great MUA on the island.

    Bryan Morris

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    Do you know how I can contact him? I would like to do a trial with him and find out if he's available. I think I'll be on island this spring. Can you make any other makeup artist recommendations? If so, please provide contact info for them!

    Thanks for the help!


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