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Thread: Mellowtones' RIU wedding June 30th 2011

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    Mellowtones' RIU wedding June 30th 2011

    Well we have just come back from Aruba after a glorious 2 weeks and a wedding there.
    We had a fabulous day !!!
    The civil ceremony was supposed to be at 11am but this never happened as they were running late and some locals got sqeezed in before us as a favour...was I bothered ??? not in the slightest. I certainly wasnt going to get myself worked up over this. Jason ( yes wonderful Jason ) took my husband to the barbers for a quick trim and I was with my friends, family & Jasons' team so I was fine.
    Anyway the ceremony finally went ahead with Mike's sister crying and Mike had tears in his eyes, though he wont admit it lol.
    We all came back to the RIU for a celebratery drink in the Bonbini bar.
    Our evening ceremony on the beach was at 6pm.
    I booked for my hair doing at 3.30pm and took pictures with me of what I had in mind. Yes it is correct that Sandra can hardly speak any English but we had no problems communicating. Anything she wanted to know or ask she had another member of the staff translate so we has no issues there.
    My sister-in-law collected my flowers from reception and brought them upto the room.
    Abigael rang our room to let me know to work my way down to the Bonbini bar where she met up with us and asked me if I needed a tequila or anything to steady my nerves, I refused and it was never pushed on me.
    Walking to the beach was fab, guests were cheering and complimenting me and they never invaded our space.
    The ceremony was beautiful.
    Our meal was booked at 6.30pm.
    We were never rushed and if we were I never heard it and even had our first dance together where we forgot that that Mike still had the microphone attached to him...oops !
    Our guests went to sit down and we had further photographs taken on the beach.

    Jason and his team were FANTASTIC and nothing was too much. I had a locket with me with photos of my parents as unfortunately due to health reasons they couldn't come to Aruba and Jason had photos taken of it. Then the wind caught up and the photo of my mum went into the sea
    Well Jason ( in his suit ) went striding into the sea looking for it, I thought never in a million Sundays is that tiny photo going to be found and Jason found it !!!!!! Wow what a star !
    We eventually went inside for the cutting of our cake and our meal.
    The meal was lovely and all the staff were friendly and polite.
    We were never rushed and dont think we left until 8.30 ish and nobody ever approached us to say we had to rush for the next sitting at 9pm.
    Our day was perfect as far as we were concerned, Abigael gave us a run through of what to expect and the approximate timings and she even arranged for a large bouquet of flowers the previous day for my husband, Mike to present me with at the poolside in front of embarrasing
    We had no problems with Abigael and always seemed to find her in her office and she would always let us know what time she would be about if we needed her.
    As for Jason Margarita and his team...what can I say....You are friendly, truely professional....we are both lost for words at what to say and we would recommend Jason to anyone and everyone. Our photos are amazing and cant wait to see the edited ones and the final footage of the 2 ceremonies.
    Overall our wedding day was perfect and couldn't have wished for anything better.
    We both wanted a relaxed, stress free wedding with no pressure and thats what we got ....ok there were only 8 of us in total but for us it was a picture perfect day!!!!!

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    many of heaven's blessings to the new bride and groom.

    sounds like it was wonderful.

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    After reading some of the other threads where people didn't have the best wedding at the RIU it's lovely to hear of one that went well.
    It sounds like you had an amazing time and i can't believe Jason managed to get the photo of you mum back - priceless!

    It's made me feel very excited about my wedding next year and extremely happy that we've chosen Jason to photograph and video our day

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    More to explore!
    Yes, fantastic post!!

    Congrats again!

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    So glad to hear that your day was perfect....a bit of acceptance always helps.... : ) You will have lovely memories of Aruba and your special day, Congratulations

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