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Thread: My Aruba Wedding - what I was really happy with.....

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    My Aruba Wedding - what I was really happy with.....

    We got married in August of 2010 and there were 2 people I'd like to recommend who did an OUTSTANDING JOB at our wedding. They did such an amazing job and went above & beyond and there are no words to express the gratitude we have towards them.....

    If you are planning a wedding in Aruba, I suggest you hire the following 2 people and you will be thankful and very pleased. They really made our wedding magical.

    1) Our wedding videographer: ROY CROES -
    - - he made us the most beautiful wedding video, he puts love into his editing & shots. Roy works from his heart & goes the extra will be happy with the results!

    2) The person who married us and who was our officiant did the most amazing job and her name is: DIANE KEIJZER -
    Diane is a photographer (for 30 years) but she also is an officiant and we are so happy that she married us because she worked so hard to find the perfect words and worked with us closely and patiently... the result: the most magical ceremony you can ever imagine at a wedding & everyone felt like Diane was a part of our family. People are still talking about the beautiful ceremony we had.... Diane went above & beyond and you will be thrilled with her!

    Other than that, we highly recommend a wedding in Aruba if you want something small & intimate. We had ours at The Bucuti & Nashette is wonderful.

    Just one downfall: Everything was great except for the service at The Westin hair salon where they only had 1 hairstylist & were 2 hours behind schedule & all us girls felt a bit rushed and stressed before the wedding.

    Besides that, it was heaven

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    thanks for posting francine!!
    too bad the hair salon "dropped the ball" adding to the stress :-(

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