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Thread: My wedding date is set Ė now what?

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    My wedding date is set Ė now what?

    Help! Iím getting married next August and I donít have my invitations picked out yet. But since itís summertime and people plan their vacations early, Iím afraid that there will be scheduling conflicts if I donít get busy. Should I send out ďsave the dateĒ cards?

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    Yes, send out save the date you didn't mention if you were getting married on the island? We can't help if we don't know what you're looking for concerning aruba...

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    Save the dates

    My fiance and I sent out save the date magnets. We wanted them to be able to stick the magnet on their fridge and hopefully they wouldn't forget about it! We included a photo from our engagement session and asked people to save the date for our wedding in Aruba. We wanted to give people lots of notice so they could plan accordingly. We also put the link to our wedding web site on there so they could visit it for all the details before a formal invite is sent out. Hope that helps.

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    I think once you have a date and location send out the Save the Dates. Postcards and magnets are a great idea.

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    We sent out Save-The-Dates 6 months in advance. They were long rectangular seashell cards that I designed from The back side of the cards had very detailed information about hotel options, flights, passport information, and of course the address of our wedding website. Our guests appreciated all of the information so that they could start planning their trips. I definitely recommend sending something so that people can start the complicated process of planning their trip to your wedding. But of course, it also depends on how many people you plan to invite. If it's very small, you can always communicate directly with your guests.

    Congratulations and best wishes!

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