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Thread: Negotiable pricing?

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    Negotiable pricing?

    Hi everyone- I feel like i post something in here everyday now
    We booked our wedding at the Radisson for July. We have gotten some prices for room blocks but they dont seem to be much cheaper than the normal price and prices we have found on sites such as orbitz. Does anyone know if these rates are negotiable? Sometimes i feel rude asking...
    Are other things negotiable also? Very new to this !

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    Check out MCM tours.
    No hotels are not negotiable

    but you are never wrong to ask any question
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    Can't hurt to ask... but typically you wont get much of a discount for a block of rooms.
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    The hotel where the wedding is usually gives you a slight discount but like Andrea said, we used MCM Tours for our guests (gave them the info). What they ended up getting, though not a discount per se but did get things like two meals a day included and other amenities. So I would definitely check out MCM Tours. Believe me, according to our guests, those two meals a day was a blessing on their costs.

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    Thanks guys!!

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