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Thread: Night before wedding (welcome reception) locations

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    Night before wedding (welcome reception) locations

    Hi everyone,

    We are looking at getting married at the Westin next summer and I am trying to decide between having a beach BBQ at the hotel the night before the wedding or maybe having a welcome reception somewhere else. Does anyone have any suggestions on restaurants nearby the Westin that would be able to host an event betwen 30-50 people?


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    Any Aruba beach...

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    Sunset Bistro has a great outdoor spot - it's located in the Phoenix, the next hotel from the Westin. They have a great menu- with lots of choices and they work with you. We had our welcome party there and everyone loved it!

    Gilligan's has a nice atmosphere for a welcome party too. We've gone there a few times and the space is def big enough to accomodate alot of guests. It's located in the Radisson - a short walk from the Westin along the beach path.

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