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Thread: Occidental Grand Aruba Wedding....

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    Occidental Grand Aruba Wedding....

    Hey everyone! Has anyone gotten married at the Occidental Grand Aruba? I am asking b/c I am very nervous. I am going through the resort wedding coordinator and she has responded to my emails up until today (which could be b/c she is busy and I know her world doesn't revolve around my, but I have not seen one picture of how the wedding will be, etc....
    Plus, she is wanting me to tell her the exact way I want the reception (as far as food, music, etc...). This will all depend on if it's just a few people that attend or around 20. Is it normal for me to be stressed out? Has anyone else dealt with or know anything about the coordinator at the Occidental Grand Aruba???? Any help to ease my mind is appreciated!
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    I have not heard anything about the weddings held at Occidental Grand Aruba, but I am getting married at the Westin in September. Although I have spoken with the coordinator there by phone and through email, they always take a while to respond to my email. Everytime they do contact me back, they just explain to me how busy they were with current weddings.

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    Occidental Grand Wedding Coordinator

    Sorry you are having so much trouble having the resort coordinators that you have been dealing with stay in contact with you. This unfortunately is the case! It is not because they are being rude, but are bombarded with the daily routines of client meetings, site tours, tons of paperwork, staff meetings, working on several wedding events at once, big and small, that it is totally impossible for them to stay in constant contact with their clients by email or telephone. What I can tell you is that most of the resorts will allow their wedding clients to work with an outside wedding coordinator that will understand their needs, be their liaison to the resort coordinator and will make sure that their voice is heard and get things done for for their wedding clients in a timely mannor. My suggestion to you is to get in touch with an outside wedding coordinator that you feel comfortable with after being in contact with them. Best of luck
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