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Thread: officiants and ceremonies

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    officiants and ceremonies

    just wanted to let everybody know that, if you are getting married here in Aruba on the beach and you want your ceremony to be religious or non denominational ect you will need to tell your wedding planner this so that he/she can let the Officiant know. or ask your wedding planner to set up an meeting with the Officiant that will do your ceremony. This way there will not be any misstake and/or disapointments or mishaps during your ceremony.
    You can ask your wedding planner for the Officiants email address so you can communicate with him and have your ceremony customized.

    wedding planner can make misstakes by not notifying the Officiant what kind of ceremony it must be. Like at the Riu Palace all beach ceremonies are religious, that's just how the Riu works. If you want it to be Non Denominational you should let the wedding planner know and make sure she lets the Officiant know.

    Hope this will be help full in planning your perfect destination wedding

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    are you saying the RIU dictates the "tone" of the ceremony?

    arlette, are you bride or a wedding vendor or a riu spokesperson or a wedding vendor?


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