Well to be honest Radisson is a gorgeous resort for your reception. I have shot many weddings throughout the years on pool deck and pretty much my clients varied. Buffet is great as everyone has mentioned because the food is delicious and the guests can fill their bellies. Many persons think that a buffet looks cheap but as an American living in Aruba it is an awesome way to go especially if you combine the entrees with Aruban cuisine and give it an island feel. I have also captured many weddings that during the speeches first course comes out. Then after wards DJ Tino puts on some music and the guests dance. Dinner is served not time has been lost , bellies are full, and guests are happy. I love both and recommend to follow your heart.
For flowers I would recommend to go through your coordinator, I have images you can view to get an idea of table arrangements and the flowers they typically use. Radisson has always done a fabulous job of creating a dream wedding.

Good Luck